Faculties Members

Faculties Members

Tulsi College Of Computer Science & I.T. Beed.

Prof. Nikalje D.G.

Principal (M.C.M)

Prof. Surve A.P.


Prof. Landge Y.V.

M.Sc(Computer Science)

Prof. Jogdand V.S.


Prof. Sameer Baig Sajed Baig Mirza


Prof. Korde R.S.


Prof. Zende S.S.

M.Sc.(Computer Science)

Mr. Waghmare K.S

Lab Incharge (P.G.D.C.A)

Mr. Ughade B.R.

Lab Incharge (M.M.S)

Mr. Korde A.R.

Lab Incharge (M.M.S)

Mr. Rangdal P.V

Sr. Clerk (B.A.)

Mrs. Pathak P.P.

Librarian (M.Lib)

Mrs. Salunke S.A.

Accountant (B.A. G.D.C. & A)

Mr. Panchal B.D.

Jr. Clerk (M.C.M)

Tulsi Arts, Com. & Science Junior College,Beed.

Tulsi College Of Fashion Design, Beed.

Sutar S. S.

Assistant Prof.

Sayyad S. L.

Assistant Prof.

Kamble A. M.

Assistant Prof.

Landge N.S.


English School Section